When I first began to get my feet wet in natural, herbal, and essential oil remedies, my daughter was about 4 months old. Something inside of me desired to be able to pioneer woman this thing and heal my daughter’s ailments naturally. I’m not against western medicine, but I wanted another option. It grew and grew inside of me to the point that I was so intrigued and even excited to be able to have a few minutes to keep up with my research and studying! I was trying all sorts of little remedies. Some of them were just hysterical (envision an INTENSE garlic congestion rub that caused my husband to begin calling our daughter a breadstick, lol). But it was all part of the journey! I stuck it out. Not every God dream looks pretty and packaged at first, you just have to stay faithful and not let fear of anything or anyone get in the way. I am no expert, but I have learned quite a bit. I sat down with Linda Lucas, a certified herbalist and an amazingly fierce lady that not only owns her own alternative/natural healing shop, but is passionate about not only seeing others healed naturally, but educating them about how our bodies work and what the Word of God says about our bodies. While I could sit and talk to this info packed little lady for hours, I came in with a mission to put down on paper some basic natural healing steps for your most common sicknesses that she has taught me over the past 3 years and my own journey experiences of natural healing and oils. And I can say from experience, it works! So sister, what’s mine is yours! If you’re interested in setting up a meeting with me about anything below, your personal health lifestyle, incorporating oils into your life, or any other related topics, go to the My Sisters Keeper Tab!

**Remember ladies, not all oils are created equal! There is a huge difference in doTerra oils and an oil off Amazon or over the counter. doTERRA oils are the only ones I stand by and can vouch for and would not vouch for any others, especially for using internally.

Our American diets just don’t give our bodies what they need. If you’re not taking any supplements to give your body what it needs to thrive and renew itself each day, I highly recommend it. My family takes the LLV pack from doTERRA and a probiotic, every day. Get plenty of sleep and exercise! Walk around the block. Exchange 30 minutes of wasted social media time with 30 minutes of those at home Pinterest work outs that we ALL have pinned! Make sure you pay attention to the water you drink. The cleanest is water that has gone through reverse osmosis or spring water. Take care of your body sister, you and your loved ones deserve the BEST you.