Are you wanting to live a more healthy lifestyle but not quite ready to take on the life of a paleo/whole 30/keto/vegan hybrid quite yet??? No worries…we aren’t either. When you live a life that is fully woman, being boxed in to a rigid diet or taking on the ways of a fully naturopath homeopathic life just doesn’t always feel attainable. And the last thing we need is one more thing to add to our to do lists. But you feel the desire to make changes and learn how to live at least in the same neighborhood with those ways of living! Here at SS we are all about B A L A N C E. So we want to invite you into our world of SIMPLY HEALTHY. Perfection is nowhere to be found here, we’re just regular women trying to maintain personal holistic wellness and pass that lifestyle on to those that God has entrusted us with.


So whether you are a college student just wanting to live a more healthy life or a mom of 4 barely getting by…we’ve got you babe. We’ll be bringing you simple recipes, easy lifestyle tips to add to your every day, meal menu’s during the busy times of year and more! We are two normal women. One who works full time in the field of fitness as a personal trainer and credentialed health/life coach! The other is a full time pastor, mom, and wife just trying to raise a healthy family. Together, we bring the balance of living a Simply Healthy lifestyle.

A Kingdom Lifestyle